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More Is Less

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Take a moment before you read on and have a think: what is the knock-on effect of a bigger house and more possessions.

Does it all add up?

On a practical and financial level, here are a few ideas:

  • More to clean – higher spending on cleaning agents, greater carbon footprint and your time.

  • More to maintain and fix – think of those battles to find the surly handyman.

  • More to organise – and conflict to get the kids to pack their stuff away.

  • More debt – and arguments with your partner over money.


Step 1 - Declutter and edit


Step 2 - Organise

Life in the 21st Century is meaner than you thought and some of the stress we bring on ourselves. It is no wonder that our possessions and clutter crowd out peace, flexible well-being, good-humour and stable moods.

Are you exchanging a simpler clutter-free life for mood swings, anxiety, depression or irritability?

I would like to suggest there is a better way: Less is actually more. < = >

Less clutter = more quality of life on so many levels.

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